Andrea Hitchcock: Struggling with epilepsy

Andrea is 33 years old, she lives in Victorville California and uses cannabis to treat her epilepsy. Here’s her story. 

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As an epilepsy patient, cannabis helps me with seizures. Since I’ve started using weed it’s helped so much. I’ve been able to eat, I’ve been able to sleep, I’ve been able to just relax and enjoy life.

When you smoke, the creative mind gets flowing. I will never hide who I am. I am me.

Why did you start consuming cannabis?

I started because I didn’t feel well. So I started smoking and it made me feel better. It helped me eat and sleep I had never felt better in my life.

What kind of activities do you like to do after you smoke?

Honestly I love to just have fun! Listen to music, go outside, watch the stars or maybe I’ll blow some bubbles. Lol I just love having a great time.

How does it affect your daily life?

It helps me relax and to be able to eat and sleep at night. It helps take away my pain no other medicine has ever done that before.

Have you ever felt the need to hide the fact that you are a cannabis user?

No. I’ve told my family I don’t want to nor do I feel the need to hide who I am. I have my rec card and I smoke cuz it helps me. If they are ashamed it’s their loss but I’m not scared of anyone knowing.

Have you ever been misjudged?

Yes. But then, we live in a world where we judge everyone. I’m a heavily inked woman and I get judged all the time because of that. We live in a culture that’s unacceptable.


What would you say to someone who criminalizes cannabis?

I would simply say this: why don’t just make it legal and people gain much, plus saving the risk of going to jail. It’s just not worth it. They love to throw us in jail for using weed, so let’s please, I’m begging you all: let’s work together, let’s make it legal!




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