Why cannabis causes red eyes

Red eyes are probably the first and most obvious evidence that someone is high. But have you ever wondered why does that happen?

Some attribute red eyes to the smoke. But that’s not the real reason why eyes get so red when someone consumes cannabis.

Why do we get red eyes?

Cannabis causes a decrease of blood pressure. When someone consumes cannabis in any form or presentation, whether is an edible, vaporised or smoked, blood vessels expand due to a decreased blood pressure.

The thing about eye’s blood vessels is that they are very visible and on a white background, so we tend to notice those more than any other.

This is the reason why cannabis is often used as a very effective treatment for glaucoma. When the blood vessels expand, blood flow improve helping relief the pressure.

How to reduce the redness

The best way to lower the redness of your eyes after consuming cannabis, is to put some eye drops. The chemicals cause your blood vessels to constrict, thus reducing the redness.




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